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Discover our revolutionary service - Virtual Showroom with global accessibility!

Virtual 3D technology to facilitate collaboration in sales, training and events.

Today's video conferencing and meeting software options are limited as there is a need to deliver a better product understanding. Our solution gives the visitor a full-scale three-dimensional product experience directly in the browser.

Through our platform, you can show step-by-step flows in a process or industry through 3D animated sequences, streamlining sales and remote training. Invite customers and participants from around the world to an environment full of activity and engagement!

Best of all, for a fixed price, we can create an environment tailored to your needs. Just give us your idea and it will be ready within 3-5 weeks.

Benefits of our solution


better study results


in new leads


with customers directly in the environment


reduced travel costs


more time for meetings


product understanding


Yamaha has a live and interactive virtual showroom. It is an interactive B2B solution for their partners and end customers. Yamaha uses their virtual showroom for, among other things, product presentations and virtual events. Their environment is also optimal for remote product training with new employees.

Invite customers to your showroom or event

Send a web invitation to your customers and meet them directly in your virtual showroom. Start a dialog, training or demonstration for one or more invitees, all in real time and without screen sharing! All visitors can move freely in your showroom. All animations and content are synchronized in real time without any lag.

World-first 3D technology that delivers a wow experience

Invite your target audience and organize virtual events like never before and let your visitors interact in a 3D environment. Customize the space and insert an unlimited number of photos, videos, presentations, animations, URL links or engage your visitors with unique 3D models and animations. Embed Youtube or Zoom for live streaming. Event participants and organizers can communicate and network with each other privately or in groups.


Examples of content you can upload to the environment

  • Video (MP4)
  • Images and infographics
  • Data (CSV, XLSX)
  • Document (DOCX, DOC, Google docs, PDF)
  • Presentations (PPTX)
  • PDF files
  • Insert videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • 3D objects
  • Background music / podcasts (MP3) up to 3 5 MB
  • Voiceover (MP3)

Chatbot as powerful as your employees

Visitors to your environment can use our chatbot that connects directly to your salespeople. A chatbot is implemented directly in your environment, with the possibility of predefined system dialog flows.

Inspired by our customers

Companies like AstraZeneca, Skoda, Microsoft, Hexagon, Ray-Ban and Yamaha are already successfully using our web-based platform for three-dimensional showrooms, events and training.