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Wide range of future hologram & display technologies

We offer a wide range of advanced holographic hardware, designed to create memorable and engaging experiences. Whether you're aiming to elevate your brand through holograms or enhance the atmosphere of your event, we have the right solution for you. Let our experienced team guide you to the best holographic solution for your needs.

Holographic Displays

Our 3D holographic display boxes with holographic exposure from three sides offer a groundbreaking solution for marketing activities. Place your physical products behind the glass section and let the 3D hologram float freely around your product to create a unique and captivating experience. Our holographic displays are perfect for retail, exhibitions and events. They illustrate details, features and unique selling points in a striking way.


Holospin offers a groundbreaking 3D holographic experience that is guaranteed to capture both eyes and hearts. This innovative solution creates the illusion of objects floating freely in the air, enticing the viewer to stop and get lost in a magical display. Perfect for retail, exhibitions and events, Holospin is both functional and spectacular. With sizes ranging from a compact 15 cm to an impressive 180 cm in diameter, it offers flexibility for every scenario.


Holobox is a holographic display device that allows users to view 3D holographic content in real time and in an interactive way. It is designed to offer an immersive and engaging experience for viewers and can be used for various applications, such as events, product launches, exhibitions and marketing campaigns. SUTEKI offers both sales and rentals of the Holobox, as well as customized design and programming of holographic content for customers who want a unique experience for their events.

Holopops Ultra

HOLOPOPS Ultra - Impressive and realistic holographic experience for your event, exhibition or shop. Our high-quality, life-size hologram experience captures the attention of visitors and makes a memorable impression. With a size of 3×3 meters, it provides an impressive effect that is guaranteed to stand out. HOLOPOPS Ultra is both cost-effective and easy to assemble and transport in our purpose-built flight case. This saves time and money and allows the system to be used for multiple events. We offer both rental and sales of HOLOPOPS Ultra, including customized holographic production included in the price.


Our 3DHolonet is a quick and easy alternative to traditional Pepper's Ghost hologram installations. Our unique projection surface provides a sharp and bright image for both close and distant viewing. Simply project onto this highly transparent surface and carefully illuminate behind it. The 3DHolone becomes invisible, and the projected images appear to float freely in space.


The Hypebox allows you to turn physical objects into interactive experiences. This transparent display box has an LCD screen on the front that shows movies, images and interactive productions while you see the objects inside the box. Hypebox is available in sizes from 32″ to 86″ and can be equipped with or without touch function. Hypebox is a perfect solution for creating attention at retail, fairs and events and gives the viewer a unique and memorable experience.