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Development of XR applications with amazing benefits

With SUTEKI's XR solutions, you can take your customer and employee relationships to a whole new level of interactivity and engagement. We help you create a modern and innovative experience for your customers and employees. With our technology, you can create a new world of experiences that will help you reach your business goals and differentiate your brand from the competition.

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Education and training

Discover a whole new world with VR technology in education! By stepping into a simulated world, you can experience different scenarios and interact with objects in a whole new way. With our VR technology, you and your staff or student group can have a more engaging and effective learning experience that increases knowledge and reduces the risk of errors.


Why limit yourself to traditional training methods when you can create a real working environment using VR technology? With our VR training simulators, your employees or students can train in an effective and realistic way, increasing safety and reducing the risk of injuries and mistakes. By simulating different work tasks, our VR technology offers an engaging and educational training environment that will make the learning process both fun and rewarding.


Take entertainment to a whole new level with our revolutionary XR technology! In brand activations and events, VR technology has been quickly embraced for its benefits and ability to provide a unique and memorable experience. With our technology you can create a simulated world where the audience not only watches, but actually interacts with objects and experiences brand activations and events in a whole new way. By offering a new dimension of presence and engagement, our XR technology opens up a whole new level of entertainment and experiences that audiences have never experienced before.


Give your customers an experience they will never forget with our AR and VR technology! By enhancing consumers' experience of environments and objects, you can increase their engagement and understanding of your goods and services. With our technology, you can create an interactive environment where customers can experience and test different products in a fun and exciting way. Increase sales and improve customer experience with our AR and VR technology.

We increase our learning through practical training

With Ultraleap's advanced hand tracking technology, employees can feel truly present during VR training by being able to use their hands without hand controllers.

Selection of customer cases

Italian National Tourist Office

We had the privilege of working with the Italian National Tourist Board to create a unique VR experience that took visitors on an amazing road trip along the Amalfi Coast in a classic Fiat 500. Using HTC Vive VR headsets, visitors were able to see a true 360-degree movie of the breathtakingly beautiful coastline outside the car's window. The campaign was a huge success and is widely used as a marketing tool for the Italian State in several countries around the world.


Merck is a global leader in the pharmaceutical and life science industry. We developed an innovative POS app with augmented reality features for their sales department in Germany and Austria. The app allows Merck's sales representatives to easily demonstrate how different POS materials can highlight products in a pharmacy. In addition, pharmacy managers can easily place orders directly through the app for a smoother experience.

Telia & Samsung

We had the pleasure of working with Telia and Samsung to create an exciting Augmented Reality gaming experience with geolocation, similar to Pokemon Go. The game was an important part of Telia's campaign to promote the launch of the Samsung Note 9 and challenged users to find hidden treasure chests filled with gold in specific locations around Sweden. 

By using geolocation technology, players were able to find the treasure chests in real life and enjoy a more authentic gaming experience. The players who managed to collect the most gold could win the new Samsung Note 9 phone. In addition, the last treasure chest was always hidden inside one of the Telia stores to entice players to visit the stores and discover all that Telia has to offer.

Foxway Education

In this customer reference project, SUTEKI collaborated with Foxway Education to develop an impressive VR app. The goal was to create a virtual environment where students could learn how to build a grape sugar molecule in an interactive and engaging way.

To enhance the experience and give students an even more realistic experience, SUTEKI used a world-leading hand-tracking technology. By adding this technology, students could use their hands instead of the touch controls. This provided a more intuitive and natural experience for users.

SUTEKI's collaboration with Foxway Education resulted in a fantastic VR app that not only provides students with a fun and interactive learning experience but also empowers them to use innovative technology to enhance their learning.

Saint-Gobain Weber

Weber Saint-Gobain had a challenge in visualizing their concrete colors and structures. Suteki developed a Microsoft HoloLens application with a 3D hologram and filters that made it possible to test several different concrete structures and colors directly against a real house wall. Changing the texture and color was done with hand tracking and speech data.


Envirotainer is a world leader in temperature-controlled containers for the pharmaceutical industry. Following the right protocol in handling them is vital. SUTEKI developed a VR simulator where staff could train their skills on how to handle Envirotainer containers.

Samsung & BMW

SUTEKi developed a VR game for Samsung and BMW for the launch of a new smartphone and BMW i3. The game was to drive a BMW i3 along a futuristic track in space and pick as many Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as possible.

Lin Education

Lin Education is exhibiting at Bett in London and wanted to visualize its vision of the classroom of the future. Suteki created an app for Oculus Go that took users on a journey to the classroom of the future.

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